Sports Federations

We help Sport Federations to link the fans to the athletes and create value.

Sword Group is able to provide all range of services needed by Sports Federations from the IT infrastructure set up to the business applications development allowing Federations to focus on their core business: Develop their Sports/Brands

Our main knowledge within sports area are:
  • Event support
  • e-learning
  • Bid management
  • Contract management
  • Event issue management system

Event support

Sword Group provides staff worldwide in order to support Federations to deliver high standard events.

Our staff is selected and trained to be part of your event from the set up to the closing.

We have the ability to set up teams quickly thanks to our long experience in IT consultants recruitment within Sports environment.

Our worldwide locations give us the opportunity to be reactive on every continent.

E learning

Sports federations main challenge is to be sure that Athletes and Officials are compliance with their rules and regulations

E learning programs help Federations to communicate and certify on its standards, rules and best practices.

Sword Group help Federations to provide certifications to accreditate the participation of an official or an athlete, to an international event.

Bid Management

We provide in-house bid management solutions for sports federations by setting up a bid-life cycle as per the organizations needs and values.

Our solution enables the sports federations to monitor and to manage confidential information throughout the bid life cycle. This empowers the organization to apply robust and transparent governance.

Contract Management

We provide platform for organization to create, manage and monitor contracts. Every organization needs a professional system to manage contracts, be it for athletes, employees, legal or marketing contracts.

Sword group would provide expertise to:
  • Understand the business needs
  • Project management
  • Implement the software with robust security
  • User friendly system to monitor and control contracts.

Event Issue management system

Each sports federation governs or hosts a major sporting competition multiple times in a year. During a competition it is of prime importance that the federation or organization has the complete overview of activities, especially issues occurring on the ground. It is often the case that management is not on site but they need to be aware of all the issues and take preventive or corrective action.