Our Clients

We have developed unique expertise in the legal world. In addition to our specific operations in intellectual property and anti-fraud measures, we support public and private actors in managing their most important legal content:

  • Public administration and ensuring anonymity, structuring and publishing statutes, case law, miscellaneous publications
  • Legal content publisher, specialist press
  • Legal departments of large private groups

Our know-how

Publication of legal data:

  • Thorough understanding of how to structure complex legal data
  • Knowledge of market specifics: European Commission, large public institutions in France, courts, ministries, national administrative authorities, etc.
  • Project management and creation / integration of back office content creation tools
  • Creation and maintenance of general public or private websites providing legal information and associated commentaries.

Content integration and management:

  • Availability of search engines specific to legal content
  • Automatic integration of complex legal data from public administrative authorities or third-party content publishers: Automatic analysis, automatic indexation, ensuring the anonymity in rulings for case law, etc.
  • Processing of case law data (anonymity, automatic content analysis, etc.)
  • Translation of legal content in European languages
  • Consulting in search engines for complex legal data.

Contract management:

  • Creation of contract libraries for large groups in the private sector
  • Creation of collaborative tools for drafting contracts, management of deadline alerts
  • Implementation of search engines in contract databases.