Factors at stake

The luxury sector, haute couture, leather goods, jewellery, timepieces and cosmetics, is constantly moving. Despite its traditional appearance, it is one of the sectors where information systems are the most tested:

  • The – late – advent of e-commerce in the sector is a revolution for some players which have been unaccustomed to having to work on digital content,
  • On-line sales require a strong and speedy logistics chain to be developed,
  • Strong international expansion requires some players to industrialise internal processes which are sometimes very small-scale,
  • That same international expansion requires a transformation from a ‘single-layer’ IS into a ‘global’ IS with identical 24/7 service across all European time zones,
  • With the explosion of e-commerce, the luxury sector is more strongly subjected to counterfeiting and fraud than ever before.

In addition, the sector retains its historic distinguishing features, particularly:

  • A strong need for reactivity (products and offers adapt to the pace of fashion)
  • The need to work on the fundamentals along with presentation. Merchandising and graphic aspects of all products are critical
  • Concern for customer service and the quality of customer relations.

Our know-how

At Sword we are fortunate to be very present in Switzerland and France, two countries that are home to many of the most prestigious groups in the luxury sector and are proud to have a dozen of these groups among our clients.

We work primarily in the following fields on these markets: