Our Clients

The expansion of digital regional government, reorganised regions and territories and, more generally, the modernisation of the civil service all require a transformation of all public service parties to make the most of what digital can provide.

We contribute our know-how at every level – ministries, institutions, local authorities and public institutions – to ensure a digital transformation of organisations and services made available to citizens.

Our know-how

  • Dematerialisation of official and administrative procedures in public sector organisations: mail management, management of deliberative bodies, validation processes for services rendered, electronic signature and PES version 2, etc.
  • Dematerialisation of document movements from the digitisation centre with ADR, storage in business and transversal EDM, integration in business applications up to electronic archiving.
  • On-line service portal: digital services for users with associated reference systems, dematerialisation of administrative requests or subsidies, handling of user direction for social aid, comprehensive land registry management from surveying to posting deeds of ownership on-line.
  • Solutions for helping network and infrastructure management (drinking water, waste water, landscaping, public lighting) which require geographic information to be collected and used to good effect.
  • Communication and cooperation platform: Agent portal, Intranet, collaborative work spaces, etc.
  • Institutional websites and on-line posting of reference systems (statutes, Open Data, data web approach, etc.).

Sword also provides the Sword Citizen solution for managing citizen relations.

Our references

  • French legal and administrative information directorate (prime minister’s office): implementation and maintenance of the site releasing legislative and regulatory texts and rulings by the top courts in French law:  www.legifrance.gouv.fr
  • Bouches du Rhône (13) departmental council: Transversal EDM – management of invoices and receipts from the digitisation centre to the transmission of signed PES v2 movements to the treasurer and chief cashier, including integration in business applications and organisation EDM
  • Lyon’s conurbation authority: third party application maintenance of the geographic system ecosystem, including handling of the coordination solution for work on roads and coverage of the full cycle from operation planning to concluding the construction site
  • Lille Métropole Européenne: design, implementation and maintenance of the “Sezam” intranet platform that offers digital communication and cooperation services in the conurbation.

Our solutions

Sword Citizen
Sword Intellect