Tell us about your team atmosphere!

The guys here in Staines are all really nice and helpful too, we all do our best to have the best place to work efficiently with a good mood.

Hello Cédric, can you present yourself?

I’m 30 years old and French. Originally from Normandy between Rouen and Beauvais. I’ve worked in IT for 10 years. I worked in different types of companies small, large, as well as in remote…
I live in the UK since three and a half years ago. I currently live with my partner, 40 miles from London. I’m a petrolhead and motorcycle rider, I like to play badminton, do wakeboarding, skiing, play video games, and follow the Moto GP championship.

You arrived at Sword 6 months ago, can you tell us more about your role and your journey within the team?

I am an IT Support Engineer, basically I do IT support, physically in Staines and remotely in the rest of the UK.
I also put the IT project in place in the UK and give some feedback to the team in France. I’m the main point of contact for the internal IT in the UK. For the IT team, I’m the English one, so when something happens in the UK, they reach for me or if they need some help to communicate with English speakers.

What are your missions?

I work on all the internal infrastructure, which includes servers, network, phone system, as well as Office 365.
I’m one of the referents in the IT service for Office 365.

Tell us about your team atmosphere!

As a detached part of the team it’s quite difficult, but all the guys are really friendly and helpful. There is a real team spirit as everyone is here to help the other one in case of problem.
The guys here in Staines are all really nice and helpful too, we all do our best to have the best place to work efficiently with a good mood.

Can you tell us a few words about the region? What is your opinion as a newcomer on the city and its surroundings?

Staines is 20 miles away from central London so it’s both close to London’s attractivity and the English countryside. It is a good compromise for people that wish to be close to nature and not in the middle of downtown London.

What would you say to a candidate to convince him·her to join Sword in Staines?

I’d say that it is easy to commute here, everyone is nice and the work is interesting. All Sword UK works with a really straight forward system.

One last word?

In the end, in England, when you want to find out how people are feeling, you always go to the pubs.” Martha Gellhorn

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