Final conference by Sword Active Risk

Building on the success of previous conferences in the region, this year’s conference has once again provided the ideal environment to learn from risk management experts and leaders and was the opportunities to network…

This year, the Active Risk Manager Global Conference took place at the Pier One Sydney Harbour Hotel. As part of our strategy of continual market focus, our Conferences has provided the best practices in Risk Management, our new developments within ARM and has been a good opportunity to network with colleagues and peers from the Risk Management community.

This packed one day event has included:

  • Presentations from Industry Experts
  • Latest developments and product road map for ARM
  • Free training sessions with ARM experts

And plenty of opportunities to learn from other users as they share their insights into getting the most from ARM over refreshments during the day.

In 2018, Sword Active Risk hosted different Conferences in Washington DC (USA) and London (UK).


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