The spreading of Covid-19 is forcing all of us to maintain strict discipline through the application of the confinement instructions that are vital for the protection of all of us.

In this exceptional context where solidarity and benevolence must be given full rein, the priority for Sword Group and its subsidiaries is to preserve the health of its staff, clients and partners while ensuring the continuity of its business activities.

Most of our staff are working remotely and for those whose business activity requires it, on site, in full compliance with the health rules.

We support all the actors who are contributing to our safety and notably thank our clients from the hospital sector all over the world and our startups esante (Maela, IZYCARDIO, Deepsen) that are at the centre of this epidemic, managing and providing the appropriate care for everyone.

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SFAF Meeting | Presentation of 2020 Half-Year Results

The 2020 SFAF Half-Year Results Presentation will be held on September 8th at 10:00 am at the “Centre de Conférences Paris Trocadéro”.
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