Société Générale, a leading European financial services group, needed a world class careers site to bring in the top caliber talent, so they chose Algolia and Sword Connect to commit to such a project.

Société Générale selected Sword Connect as the integrator partner of Algolia, to build the Search UI for web and mobile applications integrated within the existing CMS using the InstantSearch.js API. Sword and Société Générale are also working on a “wish list” or favoriting functionality to help improve the candidate experience for relevant jobs they want to save for future viewing, and experimenting with projects for how users access those listings.


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Interoperability Applications

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Today's challenge is to combine previous technologies with a more modern vision of tomorrow's IT. Sword Technologies can assist you in this transformation…
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SFAF Meeting | Presentation of 2020 Half-Year Results

The 2020 SFAF Half-Year Results Presentation will be held on September 8th at 10:00 am at the “Centre de Conférences Paris Trocadéro”.
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Our partner eZ Systems becomes Ibexa: from CMS to DXP

Sword, partner since 2006 on eZpublish and eZplaform CMS, announces the change of name of eZ Systems which becomes Ibexa: from CMS to DXP.
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