Refocusing the business on Data Management

This disposal completes the cycle designed to refocus the Group’s business activities exclusively on Data Management, including:

  • In the Services sector, the process whereby data is transformed into information, data processing using new technologies with a ticket to growth in Blockchain Technologies, Robot Process Automation (RPA), the Internet of Things, etc.
  • In the Software business, GRC, Security, Investigation and Intellectual Property.

Within the context of this disposal, the Group benefits from extremely positive fundamentals such as its strong profitability and double-digit organic growth. The cash generated by this disposal will serve to finance:

  • Organic growth,
  • New initiatives,
  • Larger acquisitions,
  • Shareholder remuneration.

The sector involved is the one covered by the Apak subsidiaries located notably in Bristol – the UK and Atlanta – US.
Deconsolidation took place on October, 18th. The 2018 budgeted revenue of APAK amounts to €31 M.
The Apak teams are delighted with the merger.

The Group confirms the fundamentals for its future development:

  • Coherence,
  • Double-digit organic growth,
  • Acquisition in the sectors already covered by the Group.


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