Argos Wityu and Sword Group today signed the finalised agreement for the acquisition by Argos of French subsidiaries and the current management of Sword France.

The scope concerned by the transaction covers:

  • Services activities currently managed by French subsidiaries in France,
  • International software activities for National Patent & Trademark Offices,
  • Software aimed at the French market in the fields of Health, Information and Customer Relations.

This scope, the profitability of which falls under Group standards, is generating a revenue trend of €60 million for 2020.

Sword Group is continuing:

  • GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance), operations in Software on a global level,
  • Services operations in the United Kingdom,
  • Services operations in Belgium, Luxemburg and Greece,
  • Services operations in Switzerland,
  • Venue Management operations in Software at European level,
  • Services in the Middle East and North America,
  • Offshore operations from Lebanon and India,
  • All Software operations in France except for products included in the transferred scope.


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