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Interconnetion and integration

Implemented by Sword, through Boomi solution, Synapse project allows to Engie E&C (Enterprises & Communities) to interconnect strategic solutions from its information system and to integrate inherent data.

The Synapse project is part of Engie E&C’s historic CRM migration to the SalesForce solution and the choice of Boomi as an iPaaS plateform (Integration Platform as a Service).

As part of the project, Sword specified and designed complex associated flux and processus  before developing them. Today, Sword ensures all project flows maintenance at operational condition. 

Features implemented

  • CRM and pricers synchronisation (Price referencing and offer editing), energy suppliers and others information system references
  • Billing system
  • Publishing documents creation and spill into Electronic Document Management System
  • API’s exposure for the website “Customer area”


  • Interconnect the strategic software solutions of the information system
  • Integrate and consolidate billing necessary data
  • Produce invoices and make them available via API
  • Monitor the entire Boomi’s activities

Technical environment

“Because we can quickly and
easily adjust our processes,
we are in a far better position
to manage change.”

Alain Abenhaim

Information Security and Systems Architect

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