LuxAirport: Implementation of an EDM/RM system

LuxAirport: Implementation of an EDM/RM system

LuxAirport: Implementation of an EDM/RM system 150 150 Marie-Lou CAYOT

In the heart of Europe, LuxAirport has a privileged location servicing 4 million passengers every year and more than 957 000 tons of merchandise. As part of its operations, LuxAirport has decided to integrate its Aerodrome Manual into a Records Management system and has chosen Sword to assist in its strategic approach.

What is the Aerodrome Manual?

It is a fundamental document in the certification process. It constitutes the reference document by which the operator describes all the measures taken to ensure, in complete safety and in accordance with the standards in force, the layout, operation and use of the equipment, goods and airport services necessary for aircraft circulation and its incumbent management.

Our know-how

We proposed for this project a semi-agile approach, with a study phase based on an Everteam modelling.

This phase allowed to pre-validate the setting elements and to define precisely the additional development to implement during the next phase of production.

To answer our client’s challenge, we developed an EDM/RM platform based on the Everteam product.

A solution:

  • Creating a unique referential for all documentary sources produced
  • Incorporating a performance-enhancing engine to support the growing volume of information and simultaneous access to the platform
  • Easy to use to allow an intuitive but controlled access to the information sought
  • Allowing a better sharing of information, while guaranteeing document traceability and document flow control.

Technical elements

  • 100% Web application
  • 1 Everteam application server (Microsoft Windows Server)
  • 1 file server
  • 1 shared database server (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Integration with the directory and corporate messaging