Hybrid Cloud

Delivering the best of both worlds

A secure hybrid cloud solution provides the ‘best of both worlds’ by combining the agility of the cloud and the continuity of on-premises services. Sword can facilitate your journey to achieve a hybrid cloud model by following proven architectural frameworks and delivering an optimal target operating model.


Sword’s knowhow


Guarantee service during migration


Automatically scale based on demand 


Reduced CAPEX and faster time to solution 


Simplified business continuity and disaster recovery


Move from expensive data centers 


Service Discovery process

A service discovery is undertaken of the existing environment and presented to the key stakeholders. Through a rigorous engagement process the requirements for the hybrid cloud are ratified in a shared and agreed business strategy. 

This process delivers you a design that ensures the successful implementation, enabling all the benefits of a hybrid configuration.


Hybrid Cloud Implementation

Designing and implementing appropriate network connectivity and extending the on-premises network to the Public Cloud is a fundamental component of a hybrid cloud architecture. 

We will work with you to deliver a detailed architecture overview covering the implementation options from a cost, resiliency, and security perspective ensuring you can make an informed decision prior to designing and implementing your hybrid cloud environment from a network perspective.


Business Continuity Planning

A hybrid cloud solution offers a fantastic opportunity for you to rationalise your business continuity service. We will clearly detail options available through the use-cases to ensure we reach the right solution for your business. 

Cloud backup is a simple service that offers great flexibility in a hybrid cloud model. The option to have backups stored offsite with easily configurable retention policies ensures this an attractive proposition. 

For more extensive disaster recovery scenarios, we will work with you to deliver a best practice solution to ensure business continuity. Sword can outline the support matrix for site recovery to ensure the customers use-case is supported 


Cost Savings

Moving to a hybrid cloud provides opportunities for reducing your cost. In particular, the reduction of legacy hardware and vendor support contracts. We will work with you to identify balanced cost-saving opportunities and provide you with a pathway to replacing these services using public cloud capabilities.


Why Sword?


 We will work with you to create a hybrid architecture and design that meets the needs of your organisation.


A hybrid cloud solution unlocks the ability for on-demand, automated solution scalability. 


We will work with you to ensure all services are fully supported and assist you to develop and complete a migration strategy for any legacy services. 


We will deliver fully resilient services to ensure reduce the risks associated with business continuity, disaster recovery and backup scenarios.


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From moving from hosted applications to the cloud, or creating a scalable hybrid  infrastructure, to the rapid deployment of new applications, our teams can help with every aspect of your cloud journey.

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