Engineering Data & Information Management

Establish a mature and robust digital architecture to support engineering processes and practices.

We will help you to get your data into a usable and meaningful state. We will help authenticate your data and present it in a way that allows you to better visualise and interpret your data assets, allowing you to maximise your value. Once we reach this state, you have a data model that you can trust.


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Data Management

Solid Information Management principles help duty holders operate efficiently and comply with their Safety Cases. We help customers streamline crucial activities such as engineering management of change, by ensuring that the information supporting that activity is correct and dependable. High quality engineering information reduces the need for surveys, offshore trips, and can help reduce spares inventory and improve procurement.

We are serving a rising demand for information services to support asset transfers, and new projects. Sword services address the whole cycle; from exploration & reservoir development, through drilling & completions, to capital projects, production & operations, facilities and engineering.


Document Management

We have many years expertise in this area, whether providing IM as a service, specifying and assisting in the selection of a document control system, or creating your procedures or processes. The interdependencies between engineering documents and data is valuable and we can help explore your options to connect and validate your critical document sets.


3D Model

We have experience in working with several clients in utilising their design 3D Models to support improved ways of working in the operational phases. 3D models can be the source of rich data, and this can be exported and shared in other applications such as your engineering data warehouse or maintenance management system.


Improve Engineering Information Handover

Having clear requirements is a staple of any successful information handover. Sword can help you whether it is creating your information requirements for engineering contractors or facilitating adherence to Operational Requirements by Projects. We can provide support to your project IM teams in measuring handover quality and completeness, along with data integration during projects.


Why Sword?


We combine skills in Information Management, technology, deep knowledge of the energy sector and highly regulated industries. This is crucial as a full appreciation of energy information and its uses are essential in establishing fit for purpose Information Governance.


Knowledge of many systems used in energy ensures we apply best practice and do not introduce any technology bias. We are independent so provide true and fair governance of your information. We tell it as it is and advise how to improve.


Our services can be used at whatever scale you need, and flex with changing demands. This helps deal with events such as a regulatory challenge, major project, acquisition or divestments – to make sure information is controlled appropriately to reduce risks and save money.


Sword enjoys long relationships over decades in this industry, proving our capability, stability, and level of trust in our services.


We have been providing Document Control teams to the industry for many years, and over the past 5 years have provided engineering data specialists and consultants to support both projects and operations.


Sword are focussed on the creation and management of the Data and Information regardless of the technology already in place, and as such can work with multiple software solution providers to help customers expose and integrate their information landscape. We have experience in using technology to expose, democratise and govern their data and information foundation.


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