Software Development

Custom software developed on your behalf and meeting your unique needs

We help you envisage exactly what you need and then deliver a modern software solution for the cloud and on-premises.


Sword’s know-how

Purpose-built to meet your requirements instead of trying to make a product fit

Flexibility to change with your organisation without having to align with a product feature roadmap or release schedule

Solve complex problems unique to your organisation

Create a competitive advantage that you control, and your competitors can’t buy

Scale to unlimited users without per-user licensing costs



We can work with you to quickly gain a deep understanding of your requirements. We will collaborate with you throughout the project, ensuring that you have full visibility of progress, facilitating regular feedback to ensure the solution fits your needs.


Agile Product Delivery and DevOps

We deliver applications or solutions using Agile processes to continuously deliver incremental business value.

We automate the build and deployment using DevOps best practices. Processes are repeatable and reliable, ensuring a high-quality delivery at all stages of the lifecycle.


Architecture and Design

We carefully architect and design our solutions to maximise the speed of development, long-term maintainability, ease of deployment and scalability. This focus provides you with maximum business value in the shortest possible timescales.


User Experience

We are skilled in creating modern, responsive and accessible user experiences – for the web, desktop and mobile platforms. We help ensure the success of your project by emphasising and building a great user experience throughout the project.


Why Sword?


You’ll get peace of mind due to our extensive experience and track record of delivering value-for-money custom software


Take advantage of cloud-native software. Only pay for what you need whilst being able to scale seamlessly


Our Agile approach to software development puts you in control, reduces risk and delivers value faster


We continually evaluate and adopt best practices to keep your software secure, robust and maintainable


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We have the talent, experience and track record to help you envisage what you need and rapidly deliver a secure, modern and value-for-money software solution.