Service Management

Digitalise, optimise and automate your Service Management processes end-to-end with ServiceNow and improve your user experience.

Our team of Service Management and ServiceNow integration experts helps our customers to transform their IT organizations and improve the service quality while reducing costs.

Our team is based in Switzerland, Canada and India


Main Service Management challenges

  • Silos due to task specializations limiting synergies and value creation  
  • Difficulty to integrate disparate data sources, processes and tools   
  • No real-time end-to-end visibility, making it difficult to manage priorities and take sound decisions 
  • Too much time wasted in managing emergencies and problems, reducing availability for customers 


Sword’s knowhow and benefits

Knowhow: Standard offer and approach
Benefits: Fast implementation

Knowhow: Proven methods and good practices (ITIL, Cobit, Agile)
Benefits: High quality standards and continuous improvement

Know-how: Local expertise in Switzerland and off-shore in India and Canada
Benefits: Cost control without compromising quality

Know-how: ServiceNow our unique partner for end-to-end digitalization
Benefits: Flexibility, performance, tasks automation and great experience


Sword approach

Sword’s approach toward Service Management digital transformation:

  1. Audit, recommendations and redesign of service management processes
  2. Optimization and digitalization by implementing the ServiceNow platform
  3. ServiceNow platform management, continuous improvement and service extension


Sword offer

Service Management Consulting:
Providing expertise and guidance on the design and implementation of service management processes.

ServiceNow licenses and integration:
Implementing ServiceNow to streamline customer processes and help customers transition to better service management.

ServiceNow managed application:
Outsourcing ServiceNow platform management and support.


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