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As internet users we are increasingly demanding, expecting instant, secure and reliable access to content, 24:7, from any device or location. We just want IT that works. Security threats, meanwhile are increasing in sophistication and frequency.

To address these challenges, Sword’s application hosting (Saas) and management solutions, available by subscription, virtualise your business applications, making them available from a remote cloud infrastructure that’s globally accessible and secure, bringing better, more efficient ways of working to your organisation.


Driving greater value from your IT investment:

High Availability

Always on and with guaranteed uptime for your applications

Reduced Risk
Increased uptime with full backup and failover

Load Balancing
Fully managed load balancing to accommodate peaks and troughs

Safe and Secure
State-of-the-art cloud security plus monitored application storage

Reduced Costs
No need to maintain your own hardware or have multiple SLAs and maintenance contracts


Mission-critical and
I/O applications?

Single tenant dedicated hosting environments are perfect for mission critical applications, providing optimised performance, more control and greater security.


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