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Deliver your digital ROI

Digital value, and the benefits your business gains from new technology should be a critical concern for every organisation. Demonstrating the return on investment your digital capabilities are delivering is our focus when helping you to deliver better business outcomes.


Sword’s knowhow





Map your opportunities

Our organisational understanding framework will identify the people, processes, and outcomes that will benefit from your investment in modern digital capabilities. Our mapping process captures these opportunities and models them according to their alignment to your overall business strategy, giving you a clear definition of the total benefit.


Develop your value framework

Building a value recognition framework is a critical step in your journey to delivering your digital ROI. Our unique approach connects digital capabilities to strategic business KPIs through the improved business outcomes and better ways of working that they facilitate. Through a business validation process we ensure that everyone understands how the delivery of new digital solutions drives business growth and improved operations. 


Create benefit models

To ensure benefits and business value is properly captured we will develop a bespoke set of ‘benefit pathways’. These pathways are concrete examples of internal best practices that model both working patterns, and the value that better ways of working have delivered, demonstrating clearly the connection between digital capability and better business outcomes.


Recognise the value

Alongside your value recognition framework and benefit pathways, we will help you to establish the right environment within which to celebrate success and recognise the value delivered across your organisation. By designing the communication and engagement strategy and structures required to engage all levels of your business, we will cultivate a greater understanding of the impact of digital, and facilitate the delivery of sustainable innovation.


Why Sword?

Explicitly link business value and digital capabilities with our unique value recognition framework.

Prove the value of digital to your business.

Show how value is realised every step of the way in language and terms your organisation understands.


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