Asset Transition – IT and Information Management


Preparation stage

With over 30 years of experience in Oil & Gas IM, Sword can help you manage your subsurface transition end-to-end. These are the key factors to consider:


  • What are the timeframes for transition completion? Is there a Day-1 plan leading into fully operational activity? Are there contractual commitments which dictate the pace?

Regulatory obligations:

  • Are there outstanding obligations to be met? Understanding the completeness of submissions of data and ISPs will support the prioritisation of initial activities.

Data management architecture:

  • Does the divesting organisation have corporate standards and procedures in place?

Data volumes:

  • What is the extent and volume of data across data types, silos, and software?

Third party contractual arrangements:

  • Single source or multiple contracts? Understanding the supply chain across systems, storage and data management will streamline the transition and integration processes.

Application environment:

  • Are there synergies between source and target environments? What is the software license liability?
  • If the preferred application is different, selecting a preferred platform becomes a priority, ensuring ongoing consistency and reducing additional licencing costs after the transition is complete.


The Transition

Once the scope and scale of the asset transition is understood and a project plan is created what will the transition look like?

  • Mobilised team of experts in subsurface data management to undertake a current state assessment of the divesting organisation’s environment and landscape; develop a detailed plan and roadmap of activity. This typically takes 1-2 weeks.
  • Implementation will vary depending on the scope, but 3-12 months is typical. The transition activity will usually be divided into workstreams, covering technical applications and data repositories, IM platforms and physical data assets. The outcomes and recommendations from the CSA will form the basis of a detailed transition action plan.


Moving into Operations

  • Applications
    Rationalise your applications portfolio and reduce licencing costs; Sword is experienced in engaging with subsurface teams to determine platform preference and requirements.
  • Data Repository Enhancement
    Understand the quality and completeness of data repositories; de-duplicate your estate and improve metadata.
  • Processes & Workflows
    We will work with you to streamline and automate the way you work with your data.
  • Knowledge Capture
    Use advanced data analytics techniques to get more value and insight from your data.


Reduction of Risk:

Our experience and specialist knowledge of subsurface digital and physical data will reduce risk and ensure continuity through an asset transfer. The mitigation of risks are:

  • Complexity – Using a combination of data analytical tools and techniques to run a data discovery exercise provides an efficient mechanism to unpick the detail of the digital data package being acquired, together with the expertise of highly talented Consultants breaking down the data packages to reduce complexity is key.
  • Knowledge – During the transition of a digital & physical asset, seeking engagement with key personnel within a short window of opportunity is critical in order to elicit data package summaries to ensure data acquired versus data received is as expected and can be made available to the receiving organisation.
  • Time – The window of opportunity to acquire knowledge and insight from the divesting organisation is critical, swiftly followed by ensuring data is available as soon as possible, ensuring operational continuity is maintained and downtime is minimised.
  • Cost – Deploying acquired data as a rationalised package of information reduces cost of storage costs and allows for the deployment to fit-for-purpose and cost-effective systems that reflect the business need, keeping costs under control in a simplified environment.


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