Compart DBMill PDF to AFP Transformation Advanced Function Printing

Domain: Financial
Client Location: USA



Our client is the leading provider of investor communications and technology-driven solutions for wealth management, asset management and capital markets firms.
They help the customers to Customize their investor communications and reduce printing & warehousing costs with Print-On-Demand capabilities.

This application facilitate to transform the PDF statements to AFP (Advanced Function Printing) output format loaded with a list of additional data added as TLE elements using the compart DBMill technology. This list of additional data derived from the text file (Side file), which will come as part of the ZIP archive. Each line in this text file is relevant to one of the PDF file in the ZIP archive.

This application unzips or extracts the ZIP file and copy the extracted PDF statements and side file into a folder. and Then transforms each PDF statement into its respective AFP output format attached with the required TLE values.


Objective of the Project

  • To provide managed application Design & Development, Testing and Support services to Broadridge  Compart  DBMill  PDF to AFP Transformation  project.
  • Generating  barcode and implement them in AFP files.
  • Developing the PDF to AFP Transformation project with capacity of handling large volume of PDF files for transformation in a short span of time.
  • Transform the PDF to AFP and additional data manipulation faster by implementing the multithread mechanism.


SWORD’s Contribution

  • Managed Analysis, Design and Development of technical solutions for customized requirements.
  • Creating and delivering the necessary documentation
  • Project execution adhering to Broadridge  quality standards.


Results Achieved

  • Requirements met with 100% accuracy and 0% schedule variation.
  • Improved the  application performance 50% by implementing multithread mechanism.
  • Customer appreciation
  • Successfully implemented the project in production.
  • This application is capable of successfully transforming  — million  PDF files to AFP format in a single execution.


Technical Environment

  • Compart DBMill
  • XML, XSD
  • Unix Shell script, Perl