Cyber Security


Safeguarding your security posture

With acceleration in digital ways of working, the threat of cyber crime is escalating. No business is exempt from the risk of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, malware, ransomware, cyberespionage or hacktivism, making investment in the prevention and mitigation of cyber security mission-critical.


Agile security starts
with Sword

Our expert technicians can help design and implement a security framework that moves away from device-level, platform-specific end-point security to a comprehensive solution for data and application delivery across any device, network or cloud.


A holistic approach

We can address security needs across both your on-premise and cloud-based resources, with flexible delivery services for all of your applications; traditional, containerized and microservice, from cloud or data centers. Complete DDoS protection, coupled with robust identity, access management and real-time analytics provides control, visibility and essential peace of mind.

Harnessing automation, AI, machine learning, behavioural analytics and security-integrated Devops (DevSecOps) we can help you build defences against internal and external threats, secure your platforms and meet your regulatory and compliance requirements.



Because cloud technologies are ever evolving, we can help your business raise its game with the best applications, data architectures and security best-practice over all the major cloud platforms.


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