Dashboards and Reporting

Use information presented in dashboards and reports to influence your business decision making process

Visualise your business performance and trends through interactive dashboards, combined with detailed reporting offering analysis at the level required. Move your business from being reactive to predicting.


Sword’s knowhow

Enhanced visibility of what is important to your business

Dashboards and reports delivering complete, accurate, and appropriate information

Collaboration across your business driving better decision outcomes

A single solution supporting detailed reporting and analytics at scale.

Use insight to action your business decisions more efficiently


Dashboards designed to drive insight

Sword presents information in the way that serves your business most effectively. Dashboards are designed to let you create, share, and consume business insights, visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.


Reports designed to support operational and regulatory requirements

Sword delivers detailed reporting to compliance, security, and governance guidelines.


A single tool for dashboards and reports

Sword delivers a single reporting portal through Microsoft Power BI offering standard paginated reporting, interactive visualisations, and predictive analytics.


Dashboards and reports supporting all role profiles

Sword designs dashboards and reports content, according to business end-user needs and role profiles. We support business users, report creators, and administrators.


Adoption of dashboards and reports

Sword will ensure full adoption of dashboards and reports, offering training as to how to get the most from your dashboards, and building a stronger data literate foundation across your business.


A single portal for all information

Sword supports technology and a foundational strategy in delivering reporting consistency, which will benefit your business with a common understanding across all your information.

We believe in bringing information together to make services more personalised, more effective, and more efficient. Your business will become a data driven organisation where your data has the power to predict what the future will hold for your organisation allowing you to make informed decisions and intervene before any issues arise when budget costs or policy changes hit.


Why Sword?


Dashboards and reports delivering insight on Absence, Annual Leave, Covid-19, Payroll, Workforce Analysis, and Budget vs Actual financial analysis.


Complete set of financial reporting from a single reporting portal for Budget, Forecast, and Actual.


Dashboards and reports provide daily targeted insight on asset production, loss, emission, and wells.


Real-time reporting supporting merchandising, commercial, marketing, and customer insight


Audit compliance, long-term isolations, and ORMs are some of the insights delivered through dashboards and detailed reporting.


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