Bring the best insights together with data integration

Integrating data can help your business leverage information that might otherwise go undetected. Besides enhancing communication between functions or departments, it enables your people to provide better customer service, streamline operations, improve their decision-making, and work more productively.


Simplify, unify and solve problems

Sword can help you to consolidate your data into a single, unified view making information valuable and usable, helping you to solve problems and gain better insights.


Why integrate?

The benefits, in brief:

  • Enhance analyses of structured data with non-structured data
  • Combine data sources and analyse them globally instead of retaining a silo unit vision of each data source
  • Take account of semantic and data usage diversity to standardise
  • Be able to handle, analyse and instantly respond to new system data while retaining the ability to analyse them later
  • Put in place flexible and future-proof systems to handle and analyse data masses while minimising the static aspects of models requiring specific developments for each new requirement
  • Be able to predict and recommend based on current data


Sword’s knowhow


Automated, agile and error-free data capture


Leveraging innovation for relevance and positive business outcomes


Creating optimal environments for high performance and zero downtime


Optimised business decisions powered by predictive AI analytics


The exact focused data insights you need for better decision-making and reporting

Implementation is based on a tailored processing sequence combining capture up to restitution of data. The processing sequence takes account of case usage specifics to adapt to the diversity of data to be processed: real-time data (from connected objects, for example), non-structured data (text or images, databases, etc.).


High-performance, optimised processing sequences

Each step is supported by specific solutions addressing a specific issue. We can accordingly use multi-specialist know-how to develop a high-performance, optimised processing sequence based on several years of experience in various fields to enhance the processing sequence.

  • Automatic language processing
  • Implementation of solutions based on NoSQL storage
  • Management of terminologies and semantic alignment/enhancement
  • Real-time processing of data and high-performance calculation
  • Implementation of search-engine type solutions
  • Implementation of analysis and reasoning engines based on conventional and machine learning approaches
  • Implementation of reporting and data visualisation tools.

We propose and implement solutions intended to:

  • Minimise project completion and data integration times using solutions where the data model is not static to easily supplement with new data sources or new analysis dimensions
  • Facilitate system upgrades.


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