Factors at stake

The customs union is one of the foundations of the European Union and a vital component of how the EU domestic market works. To help improve inter-operability between automated customs systems of member States, the European Council and Union adopted a decision concerning a paper-free environment for customs and trade.

This means in concrete terms that all systems at EU level which are centralised within the European Commission and member States must be electronic and include a high level of systems and data integration and harmonization.

We accordingly invest to provide our clients with high-quality services in designing, analysing, developing, supporting and consulting so as to ensure the best possible future for electronic customs and e-taxation in the European Union.

Our Clients

For over 15 years we have been a top-tier company in customs and tax information systems. We are involved in developing, integrating, deploying, maintaining and operational management of customs and tax systems for Europe.

Our benefits

Our service offer stands out for:

  • Our detailed knowledge of all sales and technical aspects,
  • Our recognition by customs authorities as an esteemed and reliable partner,
  • Our expertise in implementing and consulting in large-scale integration projects,
  • The high quality of our deliverables,
  • Our commitment to sticking to deadlines.

Our know-how

We have implemented a team of experts with solid experience in IT systems concerning taxes and customs.

Our project teams work closely with our clients to support and advise them. Cooperation with sales and technical teams ensures our teams solid experience in how national customs systems operate while updating them with the latest developments concerning customs zones and European Commission directives.

Application development and systems integration

  • Creation of new, trans-European customs and tax applications that are tailor-made
  • Systems interfacing
  • Implementation and deployment of new applications and infrastructures

Support services and application management

  • Technical support
  • Detailed repairs
  • Installations and migrations
  • Application customization
  • Support

Consulting services

  • Our consulting services in customs and taxation are intended to assist the European Commission and member States analyse and efficiently expand their systems, operations and technological strategies.