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Discover Irena Kozinska

Based in Brussels, Irena tells us about her career and her position as Relationship Manager.

Hello Irena, can you present yourself?

Hello, I’m Irena and I’m Ukrainian but I live in Brussels since more than 8 years ago. I really love Belgium and I am happy to have settled here. One of the most beautiful things here is my work. I love what I do and I love the people I work with, it’s very important to me.

You arrived at Sword five years ago, can you tell us more about your role and your journey within the team?

I started working at Sword Technologies over 5 years ago. I am working in Brussels, in the Time & Means Business Unit. I started as an IT recruiter, and now I am a Relationship Manager in the same BU. We operate mainly for the European Commission and the European Parliament. Our team is dedicated to find the best IT talent and to maintain a solid partnership relationship with customers of the European institutions.

What are your missions?

I am looking for IT specialists who want to work with us for the long term and who wish to contribute to the development of applications that will be used in all EU Member States.

I am also in constant contact with our partners who send us CVs and help fill vacancies.
Another part of my job is to stay in touch with customers and make sure we provide them with the right profiles and prove that we are good partners capable of meeting their needs.

Tell us about your team atmosphere!

I work in a team of 4 people. We arrived at Sword Technologies BeLux & Greece almost at the same time. We have a great relationship, we know each other well and I love the spirit of mutual help that we have between us. I can say without a doubt that I can count on my colleagues.

Can you tell us a few words about Brussels? What is your opinion on the city and its surroundings?

I hire consultants from all over Europe to come and work in Brussels. I really like this city which has many positive points and which is rather attractive for consultants.

The city of Brussels is not that big, compared to London or Paris, so it is easier to get around the city and we have many green areas where you can walk. Belgium is a small country, it is easy and nice to get around and do tourism.

What would you say to a candidate to convince him·her to join Sword in Brussels?

We offer stable job opportunities with long-term positions, consultants don’t have to worry about looking for another project every 6 months.

We offer jobs within the European institutions, which is a prestigious place to work, and our teams contribute to a better future in the European Union. Moreover, I think it’s easy to move and adapt in Belgium because of its international environment.

Brussels has many language schools where consultants can learn the country’s official languages. Brussels is located in the heart of Europe and they can easily travel to border countries to visit.

One last word?

It is a pleasure to work at Sword BeLux & Greece with dedicated people who want our business to be successful and our consultants to be happy working for us for a long time.


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