Application Security Testing: a holistic approach based on 3 elements
« People, Process, Technology »

It’s essential to find the vulnerabilities of your applications early in the development lifecycle. This allows you to remediate the security flaws before the hackers exploit them and compromise your it assets.

Application Security Testing is integrated in the classic testing process

Our approach is based on the latest standards and proven tools. Application Security Testing is integrated in the classic testing process. Test coverage is determined thanks to the use of threat modelling methods. Depending on risks involved, vulnerabilities are detected using static and dynamic scans, then flaws are remediated.

Your applications are more secure thanks to:

  • Detection and remediation of flaws early in the development lifecycle
  • Buy-in and engagement of personnel
  • Know-how of application secure development
  • Progressive implementation of approaches and easy to use tools.

Why Sword?

Sword is offering personalized consulting and operational services in the fields of classic testing and AppSec Testing.
Our “double-hatted” consultants attend continuous trainings. Technology watch is part of our DNA.

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