Predictive Analytics

Identify the possibility of future outcomes with the use of predictive analytics

Supplement your business decision-making process with predictive awareness of possible future outcomes, based on historical information and statistical formulas.


Sword’s know-how

Move your business from being reactive to predictive, reducing risk and improving processes.

What-if scenarios allow for predictive variety and optimised business decisions.

Combine BI and AI capabilities to deliver a complete set of analytical solutions to determine patterns and predict future outcomes.


Sword’s Expertise Includes:

A modern data hub supporting AI
Sword delivers a single analytical solution by integrating Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Cognitive Services. Providing your business with the best of two worlds with the power of predictive analytics and AI.

Supporting data professionals and AI professionals
A single solution to enable collaboration between BI and AI, where data professionals are leveraging machine learning experiences making it easier to collaborate seamlessly with AI professionals.

Interactive Predictive Analytics
Empower your business end-users with the right tools and data to experience predictive analytics through what-if scenarios. Sword supports these end-user capabilities by delivering advanced analytical reporting in Power BI.

Supporting Forecasting, Trends, & Anomalies
Sword uses Power BI and its advanced analytical capabilities, to provide insight on trends, anomalies, and forecasts. This can efficiently deliver predictive insight using out-of-box embedded AI.


Why Sword?


Sword Group applied predictive analytics techniques to historical data sourced from a modern data hub, to reduce the operational risk of not meeting regulatory consent for CO2 emission of fuel, flare, and gas. This was supplemented with the capability of what-if scenarios through Power BI, to make better operational business decisions.


To improve customer segmentation and to deliver better customer service, Sword Group combined predictive analytics with advanced Liechtenstein mathematical formulae, to deliver a single view of the customer. The eCommerce company’s web analytics and a single view of the customer we generated, were used to successfully predict target audience, products, seasons, and customer behaviour.


Using predictive analytics, Sword Group improved its public sector customer’s understanding of its workforce – to better prepare for future recruitment, improve employee retention patterns, and lend insight into trends that may impact future employment opportunities.


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