Le Tour de France | Monitoring of population flows

Le Tour de France | Monitoring of population flows

Le Tour de France | Monitoring of population flows 900 600 Marie-Lou CAYOT
Sword Venue software combined with Technis technology allow live monitoring of population flows during the Tour de France in Nice

Sword Venue and Technis, have jointly developed a smart technology used at the ongoing Tour de France, in Nice.

First the Technis solution uses smart floors to count people entering, leaving and moving in certain venues or spaces. Second, it creates digital maps based on the real time data on space occupation in the defined zones, which are displayed via a smartphone app. The app enables the organisers to define a maximum number of people which must not to be exceeded. A “stop” signal is displayed on the public entry point as soon as this threshold is reached.

During the beginning of the Tour de France in Nice last weekend, the Swiss made innovation was used to control the flow of people during the team presentation, the start and finish of the tour stage and in the fan zone. The installation of a security gauge during the presentation of the teams made it possible to regulate the maximum number of people on the Massena square via eight outdoor counting points and real-time consolidated data.

Olivier Perrotey, Managing Director at Sword Venue, said: “Our solution initially designed to help events’ organizers to configure their venues is now able to monitor visitor flows in real time thanks to the integration of Technis technology. A first step to bring fans to back to their favorite places!

Wiktor Bourée, CEO of EPFL spin-off Technis, added: “Our technology helps to get businesses and events of all kinds back on track in a controlled way. We are currently facing a very high demand.”

In this global pandemic, to make sure visitors, athletes, staff, media, delegates are safe and healthy, some quite disruptive technology has to be implemented!