Engineer-led Software Solutions

We develop and support applications (apps) that underpin your business processes. Unique software solutions can be the answer to fixing a myriad of business and operational challenges. Our customers’ software development projects are usually triggered by a need to improve ways of working with digitalisation, to develop a new product or service, or in response to modernisation demands using low-code or no-code bespoke engineering.


Our Software Solutions

We take an engineer-led approach to design and develop software products and apps that address bespoke challenges or opportunities. Throughout the implementation phases our interactive prototypes, and iterative delivery approach, allows stakeholders to envisage the product throughout the build cycle. We manage project and organisational change through digital adoption frameworks and support future evolutions of the product in response to changing business needs. Our experienced resources remain on hand as trusted advisors for organisations to maintain their apps and systems.

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Bespoke Software Development

Our customers often seek enhanced digital processes with improved UI/UX for users to modernise their employee’s working environment, including a need for mobile connected working tools. We can help our customers modernise ways of working through development of unified digital processes that operate in the cloud.

When no off-the-shelf solution exists, we bring engineering-led professionals to meet bespoke requirements with innovative, bespoke software solutions that automate, digitise and modernise business processes. Our interactive prototypes, and iterative delivery approach allow stakeholders to envisage the product throughout the build cycle.

Once a new application is in operation, we have the longevity to support future evolutions of the product in response to changing business needs from the solution. We deploy experienced resources to remain on hand as trusted advisors for organisations to maintain their apps and systems in providing a single source of truth to enable their data driven future operations.


‘Low-Code’ Application Development

We design applications from scratch if no off-the-shelf solution exists (see bespoke software development below), or by leveraging Microsoft365 Power Platform tools using a low code / no code approach. We hold Microsoft Partner Solution designation areas in Digital & App Innovation, Data & AI (Artificial Intelligence), Modern Work, Security, and Infrastructure. This means we can implement Power Platform solutions connected to trusted data and visualised in real-time in an agile and iterative delivery model.

Operating side-by-side with our customers to create solutions using an agile approach helps us to deliver digital transformation projects that incorporate customer feedback throughout the development process.

One such partnership is our ongoing work supporting Police Digital Service in its digital journey through our role as Technology Delivery Partner for the Video Enabled Policing (VEP) programme. VEP is revolutionising the way officers and staff coordinate police witnesses and conduct in custody interviews, using an application we built using Microsoft Power Platforms tools.


Digital Adoption Frameworks 

Many of our customers across the Energy, Public, and Finance sectors have an ongoing digitalisation strategy. In our role as technology partner, we often act as strategic advisors in shaping their technology investment plans in line with our digital adoption frameworks.

This means that over and above project and programme work to modernise ways of working, develop new

applications, or digitise operational processes, we help our customers to align with best practice development trends of managing project and organisational change on a strategic level. Our customers goals for technology investment tend to focus on capturing, managing and utilising data to make informed business decisions. The methods we apply to achieve these goals involve implementation that best utilises people, processes and technology to make their vision a reality.

We encourage knowledge sharing to make the most of learnings that we see proven cross-sector to help organisations make informed, data driven decisions based on trusted information.


Digital Engineering Solutions

Sword defines digital engineering as ‘the ability to digitally replicate and manage an engineering environment through the use of digital applications and a single source of truth.’ This means we focus on the discovery and integration of all relevant data sources to first build a Master Data Model (MDM) as the single source of truth that can be accessed and interrogated by multiple users with differing needs.  

Around the central MDM, we deliver modular digital engineering applications that are accessed via our Sword Digital Engineering Platform. This empowers engineers to model, capture and manage information in a single accessible form, so they can use it to deliver projects, manage operations and drive industrial transformation.  

Our Sword Digital Engineering suite of applications are configurable to multiple user groups, ensuring that the right users access the right tools to maximise production and minimise cost of use (which differs to alternative tools that contain advanced functionality and features not required by all users). We use a connected interface that allows customers to retain ownership of the master database, while benefitting from visualising that same data in our applications. Combining this modular approach based around a central MDM provides cost agility rare in the technology market, without requirement for any bulky systems, installations, or heavy initial investments. 

Our digital engineering solutions have been proven to yield success on some of the world’s largest projects such as Chevron Gorgon and INPEX Ichthys. 


Evolving Legacy Applications

Harnessing the value of legacy data and information is often a key driver behind new software development. Many legacy systems over the years become business critical but are no longer reliable or understood by current employees. Reliance on unsupported legacy systems can introduce risk into operations as often the individuals who built or managed these systems have moved on, therefore the ability to support them becomes a challenge.

We move, migrate, or rebuild legacy applications in the cloud to increase trust in our customers’ systems and the data they hold. This can be driven by modernisation of existing applications for cost benefits, capability requirements, or security enhancements.

By auditing systems and their dependencies, we then make recommendations for technical upgrades, consolidation and can build new apps to replace those creaking at the seams. We also help link legacy systems together with modern technology, building bespoke solutions that unlock useful information from a myriad of systems. This enables legacy information to be used in real-time to bring new insights that inform business activity.

Over the years we have taken many legacy systems from rusty to robust, developing well-engineered solutions that stand the test of time.


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We must continue to support the evolution of our customers ways of working by:

  • Driving enhanced digital processes via improved UI/UX for users and by delivering mobile connected workers.

  • Moving, migrating, or rebuilding legacy applications in the cloud to increase trust in systems and bring a single source of truth.

  • Operating side-by-side with customers, leveraging an agile approach in developing solutions to deliver iterative improvements in response to customer feedback.”

Jared Owen, Business Unit Director for Apps


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