Why choose Sword? 

To deliver our best work for our customers, we need the best people on our teams, from customer-facing roles to support staff. Once we’ve got you on side, we know it’s our responsibility as an employer to help you to reach your full potential.  

We work hard to ensure our people recognise the value their individual contribution brings to our business, whether it’s achieving data driven change in a customer organisation, or celebrating an internal project milestone. 

Our UK team is now over 600 people, amidst a global organisation of over 3,000 people, all with a shared passion for technology and solving complex business challenges for our customers.


Training & Development

We recognise it’s our responsibility to ensure our people are afforded appropriate training and development opportunities throughout their careers. We arecommitted to ensuring that all members of our team have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to perform their roles to a high standard and aim to provide training opportunities to support this. 

Our goal is to support and develop every employee in their role so that they feel confident to undertake the responsibilities placed upon them and ultimately, they are able to recognise the contribution they make to Sword’s success.  We strive to provide the opportunity for continuous learning and progression opportunities and offer dedicated, structured, career-development training programmes. 


Our Culture 

We recognise that our people spend a lot of time and effort at work. We want your experience at Sword to be more than just a job. While flexibility, career progression, reward, leadership, and culture all have a clear impact on people staying with Sword, work now extends to being heard, included and valued as part of a collaborative team.  

Our latest Employee Engagement Survey (April 2023) reaffirms our belief that we are doing the right thing for our people, with over 92% agreeing that we are balancing work and personal life and valuing diverse perspectives. We recognise it’s essential that our people not only feel purpose in their work, but that it also provides intrinsic fulfilment.  

We are working to communicate internally on a wider vision that motivates our people in addition to our CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy and supporting our local charities and communities with our technical skills. We are looking beyond traditional ways to reward, develop and engage, and never lose sight of the work we do with our customers that provides a positive impact on our wider society. 


Our People Strategy

We recently appointed a Chief People Officer, Catherine Froud-Williams to cement our commitment to our people as well as our customers. Catherine is refreshing our people strategy to allow us to continue to attract, develop and retain the best digital and data skills of the future. She ensures we always put our people first, by providing the opportunity to grow exciting careers, skills and experiences while delivering outstanding work for our customers. 

In April 2022, Catherine led our first gender pay gap report. We believe in transparency on this important topic and one of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our workforce. We are committed to promote a culture of inclusion and equity, where every member of our team feels respected and valued for their work, that they are encouraged to share ideas and feel empowered to bring positive change. We champion great work, flexibility and fair pay, in addition to ensuring our benchmarked compensation models align to our core values.  


Innovate With Us

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals looking to join our team over 600 strong, who wish to progress their careers and contribute to meaningful change by improving the operations of our client organisations.  

To make the most of the different technical specialisms and peer group cohorts we have across the business, we encourage our people to showcase their experience and technical skills to each other, through our Communities of Practice, technical forums, and Employee Resource Groups.

By empowering our people and creating opportunities to learn and develop technical experience, we remain accountable and ensure we have the competencies and leadership qualities to deliver outstanding work for our customers, now and in the future. 

Interested in progressing your career with a forward-thinking organisation? Contact the UK recruitment team for details of current vacancies or click on the link below for our live job opportunities.