Bespoke IT Platforms

We enable optimised IT platforms by delivering scalable IT managed services, led by trusted experts, who bring fit-for-purpose technical solutions. Common customer challenges we help to overcome range from networking needs, to security requirements, to developing robust infrastructure, to supporting IT services, operations, and business applications. 


Our Platform Solutions

An organisation needs robust underlying IT platforms to be able to rely on its data to make informed business decisions. We employ talented IT managed service professionals and network engineers who implement industry best practice tools and methods to meet our customers’ needs; from change management processes, to improving service reliability, or minimising operational downtime. 

Our IT operational solutions include our managed IT & IM services; our IT & IM service desk; cloud infrastructure and implantation; network operations centre (NOC), NSV (network services) consultancy and project services; technology hardware reseller, Microsoft365 solutions and training; WAN (wide area network) connectivity; maintenance and support.

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Managed IT & IM Services

Our IT professionals deliver scalable services using market leading service models to ensure service continuity and knowledge management. We can become a single source supplier for all of our customers’ technology needs, managing third parties on behalf of our customers to reduce people management requirements within their operations.

We can fully manage our customers’ network and IT infrastructure, accepting service responsibility and maintaining business continuity, allowing the business to focus on delivering their strategic objectives.

We work with trusted technology partners to ensure full hardware/software lifecycle management support, designed to suit individual budgets and desired SLAs (service level agreements). Enterprise agreements and flex plans are available to suit your business requirements at all times, ensuring full flexibility. We can offer free network and IT audits to ensure these are always fit for purpose. Our solution contracts can support live network services on a global scale and create a central location for contract management.

Delivering technology services and solutions is our core business, so our people progress through their careers with the training and development opportunities to ensure they can construct and implement best-of-breed solutions based on best practice and industry experience.


Remote IT & IM Service Desk

Resolve is our IT & IM service desk, designed to ensure customers have a single point of contact for all IT-related queries. Our Resolve team deliver support services in response and resolution of customer issues with general IT service desk problems and fulfilling new service requests.

Customers benefit from a dedicated phone number, a service-service portal, defined SLAs (service level agreements), access to the TOPdesk toolkit, system integration, an experienced IT service management team, and continual service improvement.

Our goal is to keep your business up and running so you can concentrate on operational progress that drives your business forward, confident that your day-to-day IT needs are in safe hands. We get very high satisfaction rates from customers, for example in the last financial quarter, our team handled over 2,000 phone calls and resolved 5,400 tickets – nearly 90% of which were resolved on the day of reporting the incident.


Network Operations Centre (NOC)

We design relevant technology solutions tailored to specific needs, covering all aspects of network, security, unified communications, and cloud technologies. Our infrastructure engineers and network specialists bring best-of-breed technology insights to deliver technology evergreening with relevant recommendations, robust architecture, and proven solutions; from addressing network security to building cloud-based infrastructure.

We can support all IT functions with our managed services that includes a 24×7 UK-based Network Operations Centre (NOC). This secure environment is purpose-built to maximise network reliability and ensure our customer’s digital environment is continuously monitored.

Our CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) accredited consultants deliver projects that are both scalable and flexible to suit each customer’s needs when designing, building, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex enterprise networking infrastructures. Consultants remain on hand to provide all levels of support; from supplementary support to compliment your current project team, to taking the lead on delivering larger projects.


Cyber Resilience

At a high level, cyber resilience is about understanding where risks can come from, how to protect yourself and how to recover. Without cyber-resilient solutions and recovery plans, organisations risk facing extended downtime and increasingly high costs. The reality now is no longer if you have a security breach, but when.

We help our customers to ensure their data sits in a reliable and secure environment, and that data is protected with sustainable security plans to maintain a high level of cyber resilience.

Our experts understand the importance of understanding the data you hold before assessing security processes and solutions, to enable data driven decisions. We help customers across a wide variety of industries to maintain resilient networks by continuously monitoring our customer’s digital environment using a range of certified solutions.


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Subject Matter Experts

To continue to support our customers ever changing ways of working, we must:

  • Use market leading service models to ensure service continuity and knowledge management to become a single source supplier for all of our customers’ technology needs.

  • Employ the best IT managed service professionals and Network engineers who have experience utilising industry best practise tools to meet customer needs.

  • Bring best-of-breed technology insights to deliver technology evergreening with relevant recommendations, robust architecture, and proven solutions.”

Terry Neil, Business Unit Director for Platform


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